Self supported arch roofing solutions is offered by iRoofing Enterprises. This innovative Roofing method have many advantages over the convection Roofing methods.

Truss-less or ancillary support-less Arch Roofing solution helps in saving construction cost and time to great extend. It gives clear work space and unobstructed movement. Structure span can range from 1 to 35 meters without any steel structure or intermediate columns.

Corrugated Roofing panels are jointed using inter locking method , and hence they are free from  holes , nuts , bolts etc.This ensures zero maintenance, longer life and leak proof structure. No bird nesting or other nuisance and hence provides cleaner and more hygienic buildings.

On-site production and installation will provide flexibility and helps in delivering the roofing at incredible speed (of around 10,000sq ft in 12 hrs).

The arch space of roofing structure and use of colour coated sheets will enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Distinguishing arch shape and flexibility of colours result in strong aesthetic appeal.


iRoofing offers complete solutions to clients, i.e., professional staff, trained company crews, expert workmanship, the highest quality standards, conceptual drawing, project management support and unparalleled customer service.

Equipments used by iRoofing enterprises are imported state-of-the-art equipments and they are mounted on a Mobile unit. This Mobile Panel forming Unit can be transported from site to site for installation. iRoofing team is self sufficient in handling the panel forming and installation works.


The self-supported roofing system is based on the arch-principle.
iRoofing uses an exclusive Design & Engineering Software for the Designing purpose. Hence an considerable amount of time and expense is saved in designing and selecting the most economical arch structure configuration.

iRoofing Solutions Technology uses high quality, high grade, pre-coated Galvalume Steel/PPGI/Aluminium as the basic Raw material. The panel forming and installation can be done at site in case of large projects. The Mobile panel forming Units( roll-forming/ panel fabrication equipment ) along with seaming and other equipments are transported to project sites with required manpower, enabling panel forming & installation instantaneously. 

The raw-material, i.e., steel coils of the designed width, is fed into the Mobile panel forming Units. This forming Unit equipment forms profiled panels having the desired width, length and curvature, in two stages. During installation these panels are fixed from one end of the building, and moving along the length of the building. The roofing panels can be installed over RCC/ concrete/ steel gutter-beams. The panels are mechanically seamed {interlocked} and hence they are free from holes, nuts, bolts and overlaps. This new-generation roofing solution completes the whole process in exponentially lesser time than the conventional method and bringing substantial benefits where time is a crucial factor.